Thursday, January 19, 2017

Liavek: praise and where to buy


City of Luck on the Cat River. Cosmopolitan hub of subtle intrigue and wild fortune. Capital of art and adventure, caravans and culture, espionage and enchantment!

Come to Liavek. Its stories have been told by some of fantasy's finest writers—Jane Yolen, Gene Wolfe, Robin Hobb, Alan Moore, Steven Brust, Emma Bull, Patricia C. Wrede, Pamela Dean, John M. Ford, Charles de Lint, Walter Jon Williams, Bradley Denton, Nancy Kress, and more. Now they are available again for new readers and old.

For more, see A Liavek publication FAQ.

Praise for Liavek

"Fresh and compelling tales." —Science Fiction Review

" entertainment as well as an exercise in shared-world fiction." —Fantasy Review

"A colorful, likable setting: a crowded port city so well-drawn that readers soon feel they could walk through it..." —Publisher's Weekly

"Beautifully written, with detailed characterizations, the short stories are amazingly well integrated...a collection of quality fiction." —Voya

"For a world conceived in the 1980s, Liavek was notably forward-looking... As a counter to the default whiteness of fantasy at the time, Liavekans are dark-skinned, as are the indigenous S'Rian people on whose older town the city was built. A same-sex relationship is central to some of Dean's stories, and the city has multiple religions, but also atheists — no easy feat when the various gods regularly take an interest in human affairs." —Elizabeth Graham, NPR

Where to buy Liavek

Barnes & Noble: Liavek

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