Monday, January 2, 2017

A Liavek FAQ

How was Liavek created?

See Liavek: A Creation Myth.

Where can I learn more about the original five paperbacks?

See Liavek at Wikipedia.

Why did you divide the five paperbacks into eight ebooks?

Patricia C. Wrede and Pamela Dean had collected their stories in Points of Departure: Liavek Stories. We didn't want the ebook anthologies to compete with it. Also, the first two paperbacks were longer than the last three. With those considerations, releasing the stories in eight shorter ebooks felt right.

For more, see About Liavek Stories by Patricia C. Wrede and Pamela Dean

Will there be new Liavek stories someday?

We hope so.

What's the official Liavek position on fan fiction?

It's the ultimate form of flattery.

Can I write and sell my own Liavek story?

See The Liavek Independent Creator's License.

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